Adam Gibbins


For the past 10+ years I've been managing, automating, and improving the efficiency of systems, you might call me a Systems Administrator, Platform Engineer or Site Reliability Engineer. I enjoy Linux, containers, security, configuration management, and continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Currently I automate things and apply DevOps practices from London, England for TIM Group.


I maintain a selection of projects, which you can find in brief below in various states of maintenance.
Blog - Mostly dead blog on this very domain, which I sporadically decide to revive.
InfraMayhem - Managed hosting and infrastructure, effectively an extension of my own personal infrastructure for a few select clients.
Islandor - Real-time strategy (RTS) text-based browser game where players battle to colonise isles. Somehow still chugging along for almost 10 years now with a set of hardcore players.


Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinboard, GitHub, Server Fault, Hacker News,


You can find me on most messaging systems, but my preferences in rough order are:
IRC: Whoop on Freenode
Twitter: @adamgibbins


I accept GPG signed or encrypted email, you can find my key below.
ID: C703DE05
Fingerprint: 178C 9BCC 45AF 8817 71DB 12B4 FAAA 8BC5 C703 DE05
Keybase: adamgibbins