Blogging Reflection and Hugo

Oct 18, 2015   #meta 

I haven’t blogged in years, despite my suggestion that I’d do so on a semi-regular basis; I dropped that rapidly. Upon reflection I realise I made a mistake in my original tactic, which caused me to lose interest quickly. I was effectively mass producing posts, despite not having any significant interest in the content. I think I probably had a slight subconscious bias towards gaining subscribers as if that’d be some sort of motivation - but it really wasn’t.

Thinking back, this spawned from regularly reading that you should write on a regular basis - so that’s what I was doing. However, I’ve found this doesn’t work for me unless I have an actual interest in the subject at that particular point in time (obvious on reflection!). Also, I should stop focusing on public consumption and subscriber numbers, it’s not even necessary that they’re even public - I still get value.

So what now? I intend to blog on things I’m actively working on, to clarify my thoughts - for my own consumption. Or on the occasional circumstance where I have a particular audience in mind. But most posts will be just for me, keeping myself accountable, improving my writing skill and/or clarifying thoughts. I’m not committing to producing posts on a regular basis, I’m not committing to specific content, I’m not committing to anything - I’ll blog when I can be bothered, and won’t when I can’t.

Uh, so what about Hugo? Hugo is the static blogging engine I used to produce this post. I changed computers and couldn’t be bothered with the complexities of setting up Jekyll, it’s got too much dependency, etc. overhead for what I believe should be a simple pain-free process. Hugo is Go, so statically compiled, I just install it and run a command and bam my site is generated in milliseconds. Leaving more time for writing, rather than screwing around with a process I don’t care for.