List of Graphite Tools

Sep 24, 2012   #graphite 




3 tools for monitoring and alerting based on Graphite metrics:

and some for retrieving performance data:

  • Graphios - Pulls performance data from Nagios and writes to Graphite.
  • Icinga to Graphite - Another tool for writing Nagios/Icinga performance data to Graphite.


  • vacuumetrix - Pulls metrics in from various sources and output to Graphite, Ganglia or OpenTSDB.
  • StatsD - The original StatsD, a metric aggregator that sends to Graphite. There’s 10s of rewrites of this in various languages, I won’t list them all here as they’re easily findable via GitHub or Google.
  • Logster - Generates metrics from logfiles and passes to Graphite or Ganglia.
  • jmxtrans - JMX to Graphite, Ganglia, RRD or raw text.
  • Puppet Graphite Event - Puppet report processor for sending events to Graphite.
  • Graphite SNMP - SNMP to Graphite.
  • Whisper To Me - Draw SVG graphs directly from Whisper/Carbon without the Graphite frontend.
  • Backstop - A Graphite submission endpoint.
  • Umpire - Another Graphite endpoint.
  • Diamond - Python system metrics collector and Graphite publisher.
  • HoardD - Node.JS systems metrics collector.
  • Pingdom to Graphite - A sanely named project that does as it says on the tin.
  • Graphite Graph DSL - The DSL written for GDash.